Tips for Getting Dental Work in Phuket

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Dentists in Phuket are a blessing for people in Australia and New Zealand (among other countries) where dental care costs a fortune. An increasing number of people are realizing the benefits of getting dental work in Phuket. If you are thinking about visiting Phuket for a dental treatment, keep the following tips in mind:


Learn About the Clinic and Dentists

Do your homework and read up on not just the clinics, but the dentists working there. Find out what kind of facilities they have. Keep an eye out for things like CAD/CAM equipment and dedicated laboratory. Also review the qualifications (including country of education/training) when going over the dentists.


Read Testimonials from other Dental Tourists

These reviews go a long way in helping you plan your own dental holiday. Their experiences often give you practical insight on how to manage your trip. Listings that collect and publish authentic reviews from actual patients are a good place to pick a clinic from.


Understand the Procedure

This becomes even more important when you are getting dental work in another country. For instance, implant procedures require you to visit Phuket twice, six to four months apart. The second visit comes after the implants have infused with the jaw bone. You should know the number, duration and space between visits to your dentist in Phuket. This will help you avoid a lot of confusion.


Use a Listing that Extensively Screens Clinics

You can only learn so much about a clinic in Phuket by yourself. A smart move is to use listings that screen clinics extensively. Their background checks should include things like malpractice and criminal records checking and staff qualification and dental association membership verifications. Need some recommendations? Add these three names to your shortlist:



World-class clinics such as these make Phuket a hotspot for dental tourism. Affordable dentists in Phuket at these clinics will deliver top-quality dental services for a fraction of the cost you would have to bear Down Under. In Phuket dental clinics understand the power of word of mouth. This drives them to maintain top quality dentistry despite the lower costs. Of course, Thailand’s lower cost of operation and materials and cost of living helps them do this.


Know the Important Locations

The dental clinic, your hotel and the airport. You should be crystal clear about these key locations as you travel to Phuket for dental work. The last thing you want is missing your dental appointment in Phuket while you are on a tight schedule. Some clinics provide airport/hotel transfer service.


You should also know the prices of dental treatments in Phuket before you fly out. Asia is a top dental tourism destination for many reasons. You can make the most of your dental holiday by keeping these tips in mind. Feel free to learn more about the dentists in Phuket mentioned above. You can also combine the dental work with an unforgettable vacation in this tropical paradise.





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