Why it Makes Sense to Visit a Dentist in Phuket

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Dental care does not come cheap in developed countries. As invaluable as good oral health or a beautiful smile may be, there is a hefty dental bill part of the equation. This is why Aussies and Kiwis visit dentists in Phuket. This tropical paradise is the most convenient dental destination for people Down Under.


Low Prices

Inexpensive dentistry does not exist in first-world countries like Australia and New Zealand. And this is the biggest reason why people Down Under visit a dentist in Phuket. Check out the average prices differences for common dental services:


Dental Crown


  • Australia: $1,505
  • New Zealand: $1,545
  • Phuket: AUD $700 / NZD $758



  • Australia: $2,378
  • New Zealand: $2,443
  • Phuket: AUD $955 / NZD $1,031

Dental Implant


  • Australia: $5,098
  • New Zealand: $5,238
  • Phuket: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871



  • Australia: $33,910
  • New Zealand: $34,841
  • Phuket: AUD $15,450 / NZD $16,700



  • Australia: $44,513
  • Cost in New Zealand: $48,978
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $16,352 / NZD $17,945

Dental Fillings


  • Australia: $202
  • New Zealand: $207
  • Phuket: AUD $53 / NZD $58



  • Australia: $1,623
  • New Zealand: $1,667
  • Phuket: AUD $670 / NZD $723

Teeth Whitening


  • Australia: $870
  • New Zealand: $890
  • Phuket: AUD $244 / NZD $264

Root Canal


  • Australia: $1,660
  • New Zealand: $1,706
  • Phuket: AUD $347 / NZD $375


Quality Dental Care

Just because you are paying a fraction of what you would at your local dental clinic does not mean you have to settle for poor dental work. The main reason for the lower prices you saw above is that it costs much less to run a dental clinic in Phuket than it does in any city in Australia or New Zealand.


The lower cost of materials and labour in the country helps keeps prices in check. Lower cost of living also enables even the most renowned dentists in Phuket to offer affordable dental work. Moreover, unlike in developed countries, clinics in Thailand are not distraught by bureaucratic red tape that drives up costs.



A visit to the dentists is not anyone’s idea of a vacation. But it is in Phuket! This mountainous, rainforested island boasts Thailand’s most famous beaches. Not to mention numerous classy seaside resorts. Restaurants, bars and discos complete the picture of the perfect holiday.


Whether thanks to dental implant prices or the cost of root canal, the savings will more than cover the cost of travel and accommodation and a nice holiday. Even if you do not need major dental work, you can get things like teeth whitening done while you are already vacationing in Phuket.


Where do you find the best dentist in Phuket? Here are three names you should add to your shortlist:



Read more about these clinics as you plan your dental holiday. Dentists in Phuket are among the best in the region. Once you find them, you can save a small fortune while getting a beautiful smile.

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