Are Dentists in Phuket as Good as Down Under?

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Dental care in developed countries costs a fortune. And you cannot rely on insurance to pay for most of the dental treatment you usually need. For Australia and New Zealand, Phuket is a very convenient dental tourist destination offering affordable dentistry. But are Phuket’s dentists as good as in your hometown? Or is it just their inexpensive services that drives their business?

The main reason people question the competence of Phuket’s dentists is their affordability. Let us first go over the price difference of some common dental solutions.


Check out how much all-on-four dentists charge back home compared to in Phuket:


  • Australia: $33,910
  • New Zealand: $34,841
  • Phuket: AUD $15,450 / NZD $16,700

Here is the difference in price for dental fillings:


  • Australia: $202
  • New Zealand: $207
  • Phuket: AUD $53 / NZD $58

And here is the cost of crowns in Phuket versus Down Under:


  • Australia: $1,505
  • New Zealand: $1,545
  • Phuket: AUD $700 / NZD $758

The cost savings not only cover the cost of travel and accommodation, but allow you to enjoy an amazing vacation in this tropical paradise. The main reason for the inexpensive dental work in Phuket is that running a dental clinic costs much less in Thailand than it does in Australia or New Zealand. The lower cost of labour and material keeps cost down.


Thai clinics also do not have to bear the brunt of bureaucratic red tape that plagues businesses in first-world countries and drives up their costs. People unware of these reasons fall for the myth that dentists in Phuket might not be as competent as Down Under.


Well-Trained and Experienced Dentists

Many dentists in Phuket have received all or part of their training in foreign countries including those in North America and Europe. A lot of them have considerable experience in the field. Also consider the fact that word of mouth is very strong in this industry. The best dentists in Phuket understand they cannot sustain a good practice without providing quality dentistry. This especially rings true for dentists geared towards foreign patients.


The closest thing to a catch here is finding a reliable dentist in Phuket. Five of the top-rated clinics you should consider are:



These modern, well-equipped dental facilities are run by the most renowned dentists in Phuket. This beautiful Thai island is a top dental tourist destination thanks to such clinics and the world-class dentists running them. Of course, Phuket has been an amazing holiday destination since long before Instagram and Facebook! From Thailand’s best beaches to high-end seaside resorts, Phuket has the goods to provide an unforgettable vacation.


In Phuket dentists are second to none in the region. There may be many who are not up to the mark, but if you stick to the names listed above, you will be in good hands. Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above as you plan your dental holiday.

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