Don’t Fall for These Myths About Dental Clinics in Phuket

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High-quality dental care can prove incredibly expensive for Kiwis and Aussies. Everyone wants affordable dental care but not everyone gets it. If you are looking for a reliable, cutting-edge yet affordable dental clinic, Phuket is the place. Dentists in Phuket offer low-cost services, ensuring significant savings. Despite this obvious advantage, some people are apprehensive because they fall for some common myths about dentists in Phuket. Let us debunk a few of these misconceptions.


“The Standard of Dental Care is Lower than Down Under”

Phuket is home to a number of first-rate dental clinics. And the leading dentists there receive their training and education abroad before returning home to practice. Their expertise coupled with experience ensures they can match the top dentists in Australia and New Zealand when it comes to the standard of dental care. Even though the dental implant prices in Phuket and the cost of other treatments is lower than in Down Under, you do not have to settle for inferior quality.


“The Facilities are Outdated”

The low prices might lead you to assume that the dental clinics in Phuket feature outdated or obsolete equipment and facilities. The fact is, top clinics there feature the latest in dental technology, with high-quality maintenance. The dentists in Phuket also follow the industry best practices in addition to meeting international standards of health and safety. The cost of operating a clinic in Phuket is lower than in Australia or New Zealand. And this is why the prices are low. Make sure you compare prices before you fly out.


“They Do Not Speak English”

English is not the first language for most residents of Phuket. But you don’t have to worry about this when selecting the best clinic for implants in Phuket. The dentists there cater primarily to patients from abroad, particularly Kiwis and Aussies. They are fluent in English, which contributes significantly to the success of their practice. Also, the staff at the clinics also speaks English well. You will face no issues when communicating with the team.


“Selecting the Right Dentist is a Hassle”

Choosing a reliable dental clinic in Phuket can be tricky when sitting in Sydney or Wellington. You can make the decision easier by using a reliable dental tourism portal that provides comprehensive overviews of the local clinics. These portals screen each clinic they list, including onsite visits and verification of their staff qualification. They share reliable information for helping you pick a clinic. Here are three of the top dental clinics in Phuket:



Asia has some of the best world’s dental tourism destinations thanks to clinics like these.

People often fall for these myths because they do not know that Phuket’s inexpensive dentistry is mainly due to Thailand’s lower operating costs. Now you know better. Choosing the best dental clinic in Phuket that meets your requirements becomes easier now. Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above. From looking at their photos to reading patient reviews, do your homework and you will be fine.




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