How Much Can You Save on Dental Implants in Phuket?

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Dental treatments in Australia and New Zealand can prove incredibly expensive. No wonder Aussies and Kiwis are travelling overseas for dental work. In Phuket the dental implant price is significantly lower than the amount you would spend at your local clinic. Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination. Recently it has also become an ideal place for affordable dentistry, especially for people Down Under. So, how much are dental implants in Phuket? Let us explore this in detail.


Save Half!

The main reason people from Down Under travel to Phuket for dental treatments are the cost savings. In the case of dental implants, you can cut down the cost of the treatment by close to 50%. Here is a brief price comparison:


  • Average dental implant cost in Australia: AUD $5,098
  • Average dental implant cost in New Zealand: NZD $5,238
  • Starting price of dental implants in Phuket: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871

As is clear from the numbers given here, cheap dental implants in Phuket are easily available for around half the price your local dentist would charge. Depending on the number of implants required, the savings could run over ten thousand dollars. This will easily cover the cost of travel and accommodation. Do the low implant prices in Phuket mean you have to compromise on quality? Thankfully, no.


The quality of the treatment is at par with what you can expect from a leading dental clinic back home. The reason the price is low is Thailand’s lower operating and material costs. Moreover, the bureaucratic red tape that drives up costs for clinics in first world countries is largely absent in Thailand. All this means you can benefit from the low prices and restore your smile without paying through the nose. Affordable dentistry and a chance to holiday are among the top reasons why you should get your dental implants in Phuket.


The closest thing to a catch is selecting a top clinic and you will get the best value for money. Here are a few of Phuket’s most renowned dental facilities:



Enjoy a Vacation

Traveling to Phuket for affordable dental implants also means the chance to enjoy an amazing holiday. Phuket is among the top holiday destinations in the world. You can hit Thailand’s most famous beaches here, while also enjoying seaside resorts, restaurants and bars. Remember that you have to make two trips to Phuket for the implants, four to six months apart. This time is needed for the implants to infuse with the jawbone. So you are up for two unforgettable vacations. At least one anyway!


Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned here. In Phuket, dental implant price is almost half of what you pay in Australia or New Zealand. Considering you get the same quality as back home, planning a trip seems like a great idea if you need dental implants.




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