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Offering cost savings of around 50% on most dental treatments, Phuket is the perfect dental tourist destination for Aussies and Kiwis. Down Under, the rising costs of dental work are driving residents to look beyond borders for affordable dentistry. This gorgeous Thai island is the ideal choice for people seeking not just cost-effective treatments but a vacation as well. The only catch is that you have to choose the right dental clinic. Phuket is home to a number of fantastic dental clinics and a breathtaking landscape.

Wondering how much you can save in Phuket? The starting price of dental implants in Phuket is AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871. In comparison, you have to spend around AUD $5,098 and NZD $5,238 in Australia and New Zealand respectively to replace your missing tooth with an implant. You can derive maximum benefit from the low dental implant prices in Phuket by choosing the clinic most suited to your needs. How do you go about picking the best clinic for implants in Phuket? Adding the following names to your shortlist can be a great first step:


A.B. Dental Care Clinic

Located in the Jungceylon shopping centre, this dental clinic in Phuket is conveniently accessible to dental tourists. In fact, foreigners are known to hang around this area, so getting to the clinic will not be a hassle for you. You can get dental implants or undergo any other treatment in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The staff at the A. B. Dental is bilingual so no worries about the language barrier either. Moreover, they only charge AUD $2,247 / NZD $2,375 for dental implants.

New Smile Dentists

This clinic is located near Patong Beach. Walk a few minutes from the beach and you can easily locate this facility. You will surely want to visit Patong when you are in Phuket, with its reputation as a tourist haven. New Smile boasts the latest in dental equipment and technology. The dentists at the clinic received their training abroad, and are fluent in English so you can easily discuss your case. The price for dental implants at this clinic is AUD $2,247 / NZD $2,375.

Dental Signature

Also located at Patong Beach, this clinic falls under the renowned Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC). Dental Signature is the largest dental clinic in Patong, offering a wide range of treatments at affordable prices. Enhancing the clinic’s reputation is the fact that they are the only facility with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation in Phuket. You can get dental implants here for just AUD $2,238 / NZD $2,366.


So, combining holiday and dental treatment in Phuket seems like a great idea especially for Aussies and Kiwis. Feel free to research these clinics further. You cannot conduct comprehensive background checks on your own. Using a reliable dental tourism portal like this one is the smart way to select the best dental clinic Phuket is home to.




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