An Overview of Dental Tourism in Phuket

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Phuket continues to see explosive popularity for a majority of tourists coming in from Australia and New Zealand. More and more people are encouraged to schedule appointments with Phuket dentists due to the ever-increasing dental prices in first-world countries. Both Aussies and Kiwis enjoy a range of advantages visiting renowned dental clinics in the island city.

Along with undergoing affordable and quality dental procedures in Phuket, people also have a great opportunity to plan their vacations in this beautiful tropical city.


How Much Can You Save?

Before you choose a dental vacation in Phuket, you should understand the level of price structures for different treatments in the city. This straightforward cost comparison will help you:


Dental Implants

Australia: AUD $5,098

New Zealand: NZD $5,238

Thailand: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871


Australia: AUD $33,910

New Zealand: NZD $34,841

Thailand: AUD $15,287 / NZD $16,235

Root Canal

Australia: AUD $1,660

New Zealand: NZD $1,706

Thailand: AUD $343 / NZD $365

Surprised? The prices are an eye-opener for many people looking for reputable and affordable care especially all-on-four dentists who help you save ten to fifteen thousand dollars. Moreover, even if you factor in the cost of accommodation and tourist activities, you will still save money.


Why So Affordable?

The primary reason behind the stark price difference you saw above is the lower administrative and operational costs of running a dental clinic in Thailand. Dentists save a lot on labour and overhead costs, which provides them the unique opportunity to offer affordable dental care.


Moreover, operating dental clinics in Thailand comes without much of the red tape that a majority of businesses in developed nations have to bear. Rest assured if you are going to Thailand to get crowns in Phuket, dental fillings or some other procedure, you would get top-notch services at prices ridiculously lower than in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland or Wellington.


Is There a Catch?

The closest thing to a catch is you need to find a reputable clinic. Scheduling an appointment with an accredited and renowned dental clinic is simple. All you need is use a dental tourism portal like this one. All clinics here are screened extensively. The background check includes things like visiting the clinics, checking criminal and malpractice records and verifying staff qualifications and dental association memberships.


Understand that it is never a good idea to potentially compromise your health no matter how much money you save. So if you select a reputed clinic, you will always be good to go! Plus, what can be better than enjoying some R&R on a beautiful tropical island for a couple of weeks and get sparkling white teeth on the same trip?


Another vital aspect to consider regarding dental tourism in Phuket is to read about different dental procedures and treatments and weigh-in your options. For instance, when you talk about getting implants, you will have to schedule a trip to Phuket again in about 4 to 6 months for permanent teeth restoration. The price difference will more than cover the cost of both trips


The top 5 dental clinics in Phuket are:



Clinics like these make Phuket a top choice for dental tourists, especially those Down Under. Feel free to read about the services they offer, the overall experience of other customers through testimonials, compare prices, read testimonials and look at pictures including before & after shots. If you do your homework, you can easily choose the best Phuket dentists for your dental treatment.

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