Save a Fortune All-on-4 in Phuket

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The all-on-4 prosthodontic dental implant procedure has become an excessively popular treatment to replace missing teeth. And since the first successful procedure in 1998, many people have experienced the countless benefits of this implants solution. However, there is no question the treatment can cost a lot of money, especially in developed nations. And this is why a so many people from Australia and New Zealand come for all-on-4 in Phuket for a much more affordable treatment without compromising in quality.


Great Bang for Your Buck

It makes more sense for the Aussies and the Kiwis to come to Thailand for their dental vacation, as this is the most convenient destination for them. However, it is imperative that you first understand the average prices of an all-on-four of the treatment compared to your home:


  • Australia: $33,910
  • New Zealand: $34,841
  • Phuket: AUD $15,450 / NZD $16,700


A massive amount of money can be potentially saved if you choose dental treatment in Thailand. Sure, you may be thinking that the standard of quality may be a bit iffy. But nothing can be further from the truth. Dental clinics in Phuket offer the same level of care, quality and technology that first-world countries do. But it is necessary that you choose the best clinics in the island city. Using a dental tourism portal like this is a great way to do that.


Why So Cheap?

Great question. The main reason is that operating a dental clinic in Phuket cost a lot less than in Australia or New Zealand. Moreover, the the burdensome government red tape faced by businesses first-world countries is largely absent in Thailand. This gives dentists a lot more freedom to run their business without incurring a lot of overhead expenditure, labour costs and administrative expenses. In Phuket dentists offer the all-on-4 for much less money than their counterparts Down Under.


With these prices, you will easily be able to enjoy a couple of weeks of pure bliss exploring the beautiful waters, islands and resorts in Phuket along with getting your teeth restored.


Remember that an all-on-four treatment will require you to come back to Phuket after four to six months. This is true for all implant procedures as the time is needed for the implants to infuse with the bone. Your dentist will then make the final restorations on your second visit.


Some of the best clinics in Phuket you should consider are:


Understanding Your All-on-Four Treatment

The procedure incorporates the use of a temporary acrylic plate that is firmly attached with an artificial gum line. To make the most out of your trip to Phuket, you can also get your teeth extracted and the new implants fixed at the very same day. But if you have undergone a teeth extraction recently, you will have to wait for three months before getting this treatment done. The procedure helps you revamp your entire smile with just four implants, costing a lot less than getting individual implants for every tooth.


All in all, it is worth mentioning that you should do your research on the above-mentioned clinics. Though all of them are reputed, it is a good idea to get a better feel for them. Read the patient reviews, check out pictures of the clinics and before & after shots. Plus, do not forget to compare prices for the all-on-4 in Phuket before making the final decision.

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