Aussies and Kiwis Get Affordable, High-Quality Implants in Phuket

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Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism. Over 20 million people visit the beautiful island country every year to enjoy the tropical beaches and the delicious cuisine among other things. However, many tourists also have their dental implants done on the same trip. Aussies and Kiwis are especially on the top of the list for medical tourism in Thailand. Dental procedures Down Under are heinously expensive, costing more than 30 thousand dollars. However, in a dental clinic Phuket, you can save more than 50% of the actual cost.


Save a Truck Load of Money

Before you decide to schedule an appointment with a reputed dental clinic in Phuket, it is important to first understand the price comparison of different types of treatments in the city compared what you will pay at your local clinic.


Dental implants

Australia: AUD $5,098

New Zealand: NZD $5,238

Thailand: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871


Australia: AUD $33,910

New Zealand: NZD $34,841

Thailand: AUD $15,287 / NZD $16,235

Root Canal

Australia: AUD $1,660

New Zealand: NZD $1,706

Thailand: AUD $343 / NZD $365

This is sure to be a revelation for Aussies and Kiwis that are searching for reliable, and affordable dental implant treatments in Thailand. Moreover, what is so great about these prices is that you can use the significant amount of money saved to pay for your travel and accommodation. Remember you will have to come to Phuket six month after the initial treatment once the implants have infused with your jaw. The dentist will then make a final assessment and perform the last restorative touches to see that the implants are correctly in place.


Why are Dental Treatments So Affordable in Phuket?

The main reason why Thailand’s dental industry is so affordable is due to lower operating costs that clinics there enjoy. The lack of bureaucratic red tape dentists also helps keep prices low.  Dental clinics also enjoy low cost of materials and labour. The Thai government encourages friendly competition between best clinic for implants in Phuket. And with low living costs in Thailand, dentists can employ the services of talented dental assistants and staff at a considerably lower rate.


Is There a Catch?

The only thing you have to consider is scheduling an appointment with an accredited and renowned dental clinic. Thailand is renowned for its dental industry primarily because a many dentists in the country have trained in countries like the US and UK.


Understand that it is never a good idea to potentially compromise your health just to save money. So if you select a reputed clinic, you will always be good to go! Plus, what can be better than enjoying some R&R on a beautiful tropical island for a couple of weeks and get sparkling white teeth on the same trip!


The Best Clinics

Choosing the right clinic for your dental implants is important. The institutions should be in-line with your requirements and comfort level. In light of this, mentioned below are three of the top clinics you can shortlist.



Moreover, a good dental clinic in Phuket is equipped with best in modern technologies. Not to mention, their dentists are on par with those Down Under. Most of them also speak fluent English to make the experience hassle-free. All in all, when it comes to dental implants, you can quite effortlessly book your appointment with Dentists in Phuket. Feel free to read more about the clinics mentioned above and contact our customer support if you have any questions.

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