Get All Kinds of Dental Work in Phuket for Much Less

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The amount of money you can save choosing Phuket dentists is absolutely phenomenal. The price hike in dental facilities across Australia and New Zealand has made it a nightmare for average people to afford top-notch dental care. The unfortunate thing is – the price increase in the industry is not going to stop. This has compelled a lot of people from Down Under to go to Thailand to seek reliable and affordable dental work.

Thailand has become one of the best destinations for dental tourism. With millions of tourists each year, many of them are looking for affordable dental treatment. After all the fun and frolic is coming to an end, you can easily get your dental implants before returning.


You can save thousands of dollars in regular treatment compared to what you would have to pay at your local clinic. The money you save, you can use to spend on your travelling and accommodation expenditure the second time you come to Phuket. Yes, keep in mind that you are going to have to come back six months after the initial treatment after the implants’ infusion with your jawbone.


You can also go for a crown in Phuket while you are there. In addition to the cost savings, you will also enjoy the hospitality at these clinics, something you will not experience at a local clinic back home.


Price Breakdown for Various Dental Treatments in Phuket

Here is a glimpse at the prices offered for different types of dental treatments in Phuket. It is important to understand them before choosing a clinic:

Dental implants

Australia: AUD $5,098

New Zealand: NZD $5,238

Thailand: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871



Australia: AUD $33,910

New Zealand: NZD $34,841

Thailand: AUD $15,287 / NZD $16,235


Root Canal

Australia: AUD $1,660

New Zealand: NZD $1,706

Thailand: AUD $343 / NZD $365


If this is not an eye-opener, nothing will be. You have the potential to save more than 50% of the cost on all of these treatments.


What is Up with the Affordability Factor in Phuket?

The main reason why you can easily afford all types of dental work in Phuket is the lower operating costs. Moreover, there is no government red tape there that drives up costs. The businesses are free to compete with one another without complying with stringent business regulations.


This gives dental facilities the room to breathe and invest in state-of-the-art dental technologies and equipment. Not to mention, with the low cost of living in Phuket, dentists are also able to hire some of the best dental assistants in the country. People who do not know these reasons sometimes mistakenly assume that the lower prices means taking a chance with the quality of treatment. Now you know that is not the case.


The Top Clinics in Phuket

The closest thing to a catch is finding a reputed and accredited dental facility. While Phuket is home to a variety of dental clinics, here are five of their best:



Feel free to read more about these clinics. Check their photos, compare prices and read patient testimonials. There is no reason you cannot make the best out of high-quality yet affordable Phuket dentists. We thoroughly screen each clinic before adding it to our site. This includes verifying staff qualifications and checking malpractice records. For more information, you can contact our customer support and easily book an appointment via Dentists in Phuket.

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