Learn About the Top Dental Clinics in Phuket

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A dental clinic Phuket is the perfect opportunity for you to save tons of money and undergo reliable dental treatment. Yes, Thailand offers world-class dental procedures at prices that will shock you. With no strings attached or any hidden costs, millions of Aussies and Kiwis travel to Thailand to enjoy their vacations or business commitments. Many of them also choose to get their dental implants done, or travel mainly for the treatment, enjoying a holiday in the process!


Savings of Up to 50%

The fact is you can save up to half the cost you would normally pay at your local clinic. Thailand has become a popular dental tourism destination. However, it will be wise to schedule an appointment before you venture out for paragliding or jet skiing or any other exciting activity. You are going to need a day’s rest after you get the initial treatment over with.


As to why the best clinic for implants in Phuket is so affordable, the answer is simple. It costs a lot less money to run a dental clinic in Phuket than it does in any city in Australia or New Zealand. Moreover, the Thai government does not levy burdensome red tape that would drive up costs. The clinics can invest in modern technologies and highly educated and well-trained dental staff on smaller budgets.


The Cost of the Dental Implant Procedure in Phuket

The starting price of dental implants in Phuket is AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871. When you compare this with what dental facilities in Phuket are offering, you have to spend around AUD $5,098 and NZD $5,238 in Australia and New Zealand respectively for an implant. You can maximize the advantage from these low prices by selecting clinics most suited to your needs and comfortability. Three of the top clinics are A.B. Dental Care Clinic, New Smile Dentists and Dental Signature. Let us take a closer look at these


A.B. Dental Care Clinic

Nestled in the vast Jungceylon shopping centre, this dental facility is conveniently accessible to both locals and dental tourists. Tourists are known to visit this location much often, so finding and travelling to the clinic will not be a bother for you at all. You can get dental implants or undergo any other treatment in a comfortable environment. The staff at the A. B. Dental is bilingual so no worries about the language barrier either. They charge AUD $2,247/ NZD $2,375 for dental implants.

New Smile Dentists

At Patong Beach, New Smile Dentists is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the beach and you can easily locate this facility. No way you will come to Phuket and not visit this serene and pristine beach. It has a reputation of being a tourist haven. New Smile boasts the latest in dental equipment and technology. The dentists at the clinic received their training abroad and are fluent in English so you can easily discuss your case. The price for dental implants at this clinic is AUD $2,247/ NZD $2,375.

Dental Signature

Also located at Patong Beach, this clinic falls under the renowned Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC). Dental Signature is the largest dental clinic in Patong, offering a wide range of treatments at affordable prices. Enhancing the clinic’s reputation is the fact that they are the only facility with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation in Phuket. You can get dental implants here for just AUD $2,238 / NZD $2,366.


So there you go – an overview that helps you pick the top dental clinic Phuket is home to. Not only do you save a lot of money, you get reliable treatment in the most comfortable environment. Feel free to contact our customer support for more information.

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