Why Aussies and Kiwis Fly to Phuket for Dental Work?

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Dental work in countries like Australia and New Zealand are far from affordable. And owing to a consistent increase in prices in developed nations, many people find it difficult to afford good dental care. Moreover, your medical insurance does not sufficiently cover the cost of comprehensive and expensive procedures such dental implants. However, that does not mean you neglect you and your family’s oral health. The best thing solution is visiting dentists in Phuket.


The Low Prices of Dental Work in Phuket

Fortunately for you, even world-class Thai dental clinics charge a fraction of the amount you would have to pay at your local clinics. So how much can you save? The average dental implant prices Down Under are AUD $5,098 and NZD $5,238 respectively. In comparison, you can get implants for around AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871 in Phuket. As you can clearly see, you can save up to 50% on the implants.


How Do Dentists Manage to Keep Prices This Low?

As mentioned earlier, if you go to the best dentist in Phuket, you will most definitely be able to afford treatments such as dental implants, crown replacement, veneers, all-on-four, etc. But the most important you can ask yourself is how do they manage the low prices while maintaining quality? Let us look at the main reasons:


Increasing Competition Between Several Dental Clinics

Phuket has become one of the leading dental tourism destinations in Thailand. Millions come to the city to enjoy their vacations and many also get their dental work done there. Phuket is home to a slew of highly credible and reputed dental facilities. And that naturally means there is going to be a high degree of competition between each facility, leading to competitive prices and reliable procedures to attract first-world clients.


Lower Cost of Operations

The cost of living in Phuket is considerably low compared to first-world countries like New Zealand and Australia. Dentists are able to conveniently hire competent and well-trained clinical staff and labour at reasonably low salaries compared to Down Under. This translates into lower administrative costs and fees, which in turn enables dentists to provide affordable yet quality dental care.


No Government Red Tape

Dentists Down Under have to deal with bureaucratic red tape which drives up their costs. However, this is not an issue in Thailand, where the government seeks to offer support in the form lax business policies and regulations to attract more tourists and boost their overall GDP.


Many people are not aware of these reasons. And they instead think that the low prices reflect poor quality or a compromise on their dental health. Now you now that is simply not true.


The Best Dental Clinics to Go For in Phuket

The closest thing to a catch is choosing the right clinic. While Phuket is lined with several dental facilities, here are three of the best of the best you can select from:



We conduct a comprehensive background check on each clinic before adding it to our listing. From verifying malpractice records to verifying qualification, we do the legwork so you do not have to.


So these are some of the best reasons why Aussies and Kiwis choose dentists in Phuket over their local ones. We advise you to learn more about these clinics, look at their photos, read testimonials and compare prices. Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions. And you can easily book an appointment with us.

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