Get All-on-4 in Phuket and Save Over Ten Thousand Dollars

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The first successful all-on-4 dental implants procedure was done in 1998. Since then it has arguably become the most effective procedure for individuals who need multiple teeth replacement. Of course, like all good things, all-on-4 implants come at a high cost, especially in New Zealand and Australia. This is the main reason why people are opting for an all-on-4 in Phuket.

Not only is the treatment affordable in Thailand, but the country is also a splendid vacation destination, making a trip all the more worthwhile!


How Much Can You Save On an All-on-4 Procedure in Phuket?

Dentists in Phuket charge between a certain range, so that you know the maximum amount you might end up spending on the treatment. If you opt for an all-on-4 procedure in Australia, you are looking at paying upwards of AUD $33,910, whereas the treatment costs NZD $34,841 in New Zealand. If you plan to get an all-on-four treatment from Phuket, you are looking at spending just AUD $15,450 / NZD $16,700.


This means you are saving more than 50% on the cost of the treatment. But, is there a catch to it? You may be wondering if Phuket dentists are using poor quality equipment or compromising on treatment standards.


If you are concerned about quality, you should know that dental care in Thailand is state-of-the-art. Dentists perform all-on-4 in Phuket using top-notch equipment, with trained staff, and with up-to-date techniques. So, why are the costs so low?


Reason for Low-Cost Dental Treatments in Phuket

Unlike most developed countries, the dental industry in Phuket does not have to deal with high operating costs and bureaucratic red tape. In fact, the government is quite supportive of the industry and promotes friendly competition to enable clinics to funnel in customers from around the globe.


This makes the operational costs of these clinics quite low and enables them to offer treatments at low prices, without compromising on the standard of dental care. Also, Phuket has a low cost of living, which in essence means that clinics can employ well-trained staff at affordable rates.


Dentists at your local clinics will not be able to compete with these dentists as far as prices go. The best part is that many of these dentists studied and trained abroad and also speak English. Of course, you will have to travel to Thailand, but the 50% savings means you will easily be able to cover your accommodation and travel expenditures. You will need to make a second trip for the final touches to your implants because they take about six months infuse to your jaw.


Best Dental Clinics in Phuket

Now for the most important part: selecting a dental clinic that meets your requirements. Let us look at the best dental clinics in Phuket:



Sea Smile Dental Clinic

With a promise to deliver the best dental care at the most affordable rates, Sea Smile offers an extensive range of treatments including dental implants.


Dental Signature

Armed with the latest technology, this clinic offers the best cosmetic dentistry treatment under trained professionals.


A.B. Dental Care Clinic

A.B. Dental boasts a skilled staff and a wide range of dental treatment plans at affordable rates. The clinic strives to deliver the best care to its patients.


Smile Signature

Consisting of a team of more than 70 experienced dentists, Smile Signature is just a few minutes away from the famous Jungceylon Shopping Mall.


If you want a lasting smile, you should consider getting all-on-4 in Phuket. Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any questions. You can also easily book and appointment through us.

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