Dentists in Phuket Make Your Life Easier and Better in Many Ways

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Phuket is becoming a great dental tourism destination due to the excellent dental care offered by dentists in Phuket. People from all over the world, especially New Zealand and Australia, travel to Phuket not only because of the quality of dentistry but also since the rates are rather affordable. In fact, you can compare their services with those offered at local clinics.

The cost of dental care is swiftly increasing and many people are not able to afford even the most basic dental care. However, the dental implant prices, as well as the cost of other procedures, such as implants, root canals, and even crown replacements are quite low in Thailand.


How Can Top Dentists in Phuket Offer Affordable Rates?

The main reason dental care is available at low prices in Thailand that clinics can operate at a much lower budget than in New Zealand and Australia. Plus the Thai government continues to encourage businesses to engage in a friendly competition to keep costs to a minimum. Be it crown replacement or a root canal, even the best dentist in Phuket can provide quality treatment at a fraction of the cost.


Are the Prices Really Affordable in Phuket?

If you want a comparison of the price of dental treatment in Thailand vs. New Zealand and Australia, here are the prices of a few common procedures:


Dental Implant Prices

In New Zealand, the cost of dental implants can be as high as $34,841, while in Australia the cost is around $33,910. The price for the same treatment in Thailand is as low as $15,287.


Root Canal Prices

Similarly, root canals in Australia can cost as much as $1,660 and in New Zealand, the same can cost $1,706. If you go to the best dentist in Phuket, a root canal costs only $343 to $365.


All-on-4 Prices

All-on-4 treatment is rather expensive in Australia and can easily cost around $33,910. In New Zealand it can cost as much as $34,841. The same treatment in Thailand will range from $15,287 to $16,235.


The treatment cost in Thailand is almost 50% of what you will pay at your local clinic and the cost savings allows you to pay for your traveling and accommodation expenses. Bear in mind that if you are getting an implant procedure, you will need to make a second visit. It takes about six months for the implants to infuse to the bones in the jaw. Thanks to the savings, making a second trip should not be an issue.


Best Dental Clinics in Phuket

Do keep in mind that good dental treatment is only guaranteed if you choose the best clinic. Here are the five best clinics in Phuket:



Let us learn a bit more about these:


1.      A.B. Dental Care Clinic

Conveniently located outside Jungceylon Shopping Center, this clinic offers a wide range of procedure including dental implants.


2.      Sea Smile Dental Clinic

Part of the Malo Clinic Partnership, you can count on Sea Smile to provide you with the best care package at affordable rates.


3.      Dental Signature

Not only is Dental Signature the largest facility in Patong, but it is also known for providing dental care that is patient focused.


4.      Smile Signature

With five branches across Thailand, Simile Signature has been providing quality and low-cost treatment since 2005.


5.      New Smile Dentists

Conveniently located near Patong beach, New Smile has been providing state-of-the-art treatment for over 20 years.


So, now you know why dentists in Phuket are the right choice for Aussies and Kiwis seeking affordable dental care. The winning combination of low cost and high quality is hard to turn down. You can easily make a booking through us.

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