Reasons You Should to Go Phuket for Dental Care

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Phuket is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. Over the past few years, affordable dental care has been attracting people from Australia and New Zealand. Even minor dental treatments can set you back a fair few dollars at your local pricey dentist. But dentists in Phuket offer cheap dental care. Let us look at a few reasons you should go to Bangkok for your dental treatment:


Significant Savings

Many people in first world countries struggle to meet their oral care requirements due to high prices. But if you make your way to Phuket for treatment, you can save a great deal of money. Dental implant prices here are so reasonable that the savings enable you to cover the cost of the trip and accommodation as well. Let us compare the prices for a few dental procedures:


Dental Implant Price

If you want to get your implants done from the best dentist in Phuket, you only need to pay AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871. Getting the same procedure at a local clinic would cost you significantly more. In Australia, you need to pay AUD $5,098 and in New Zealand the average cost is NZD $5,238.

All-On-Four Implant Price

For an All-On-Four treatment in Australia, you would need to dish out AUD $33,910 and in New Zealand you will be paying NZD $34,841 for the same. If you travel to Phuket, you will need to spend less than half that amount and pay AUD $15,287 / NZD $16,235.

Root Canal Price

Another procedure that most people in Australia and New Zealand commonly need is a Root Canal. In Australia, a root canal will set you back AUD $1,660 and the price in New Zealand is NZD $1,706. However, the best dentist in Phuket offers the procedure for only AUD $343 / NZD $365.

If you compare the prices to one of your local clinics, you will save more than 50%. The best part is that you enjoy an exotic vacation destination as well.


Excellent Dental Care

The low dental implant prices in Phuket come with quality care. Most people wonder why the cost of dental care is so low. In Bangkok, the cost of living is really low. This allows dentists to operate state-of-the-art clinics at low costs. In addition, they employ qualified staff at reasonable rates. This allows them to offer treatments at affordable prices. The government also supports these clinics and promotes friendly competition among them. The high competition is another reason why prices are so low.


Qualified Dentists

In Phuket, dentists are qualified and experts at what they do. Most dentists even studied abroad and came back to Phuket to practice. They are aware of the international standards and maintain top notch facilities. Most dentists in Phuket are fluent in English since they completed their education abroad. You will not have any problems communicating with them.


Exotic Vacation Destination

Dental clinics in Phuket are easily accessible and convenient to reach. Plan your trip in a way that you have a few days to rest. You can take a mini vacation after the treatment and enjoy this popular tourist destination.


Range of Procedures

Getting topnotch treatment at a great price comes down to selecting the right procedure. Most clinics offer an extensive range of treatments. If you want to visit Phuket for your dental treatment, you should consider one of the following clinics:



The clinics mentioned here offer top quality despite lower dental implant prices. So long as you select the right clinic, you will get the best prices and quality treatment from dentists in Phuket. Contact our customer support for more questions. You can also easily book an appointment through our site.

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