Dentists in Phuket Offer Affordable Dental Treatments

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Considering the expensive dental care Down Under, an Aussies and Kiwis are travelling overseas for dental work. Over the past few years, Phuket has become a hub for dental tourism. This is because dental care in first world countries has become really pricey. Most people are unable to afford basic dental care, let alone complex procedures. Phuket has become popular for dental treatments for this exact reason. The care that dentists in Phuket provide is exemplary, yet they charge a nominal price for it. However, the low dental implant prices make most people skeptical. So, how is it that even the best dentist in Phuket charges low prices?


Why Are the Prices Low

The reason most people feel concerned about the quality of dental care abroad is because they believe that dentists in Phuket compromise on quality. Yet, the prices the dentists there charge are not reflective of the quality on offer. The reason dental implant prices in Phuket are so low is relaxed regulations and lack of government red tape. The strict regulations in developed countries drive the cost of running a dental clinic upwards.


These clinics follow international standards for dental care. However, the lenient regulations make it easy for them to keep operational costs low. There are other reasons that contribute to the low price. Let’s look at a few:


Cost Of Living in Phuket

If you compare the cost of living in Phuket with a developed country, such as Australia or New Zealand, you will find a significant difference. Living in a developed country is expensive, which means the cost of dental treatments is higher. On the other hand, dentists in Phuket can find qualified staff at low wages, and also source their materials and supplies without breaking the bank. They pass on the savings they enjoy to their patients in the form of low prices.


Material Costs

Materials in developed countries go through vigorous regulation checks. By the time the materials reach the actual clinic, the cost increases significantly. If the cost of materials is high, the clinics need to charge a higher price for treatment. The reason you are able to get a reasonable treatment cost at the best dentist in Phuket is the low cost of materials. Sourcing materials in Phuket is cheap since there are no strict regulations. Since the cost of materials is low, dentists do not have to charge a hefty price.


Is the Low Price Worth the Travel?

Considering the cost of travel and accommodation, most people are hesitant to travel to Phuket. They worry that once they add the travelling expenses, the savings will not be worth much. This could not be further from the truth. Let us look at a price comparison for treatments to give you a better idea of the savings you are looking at:


Dental Crown Prices


  • Australia: AUD $1,505
  • New Zealand: NZD $1,545
  • Phuket: AUD $700 / NZD $758

All-on-4 Prices


  • Australia: AUD $33,910
  • New Zealand: NZD $34,841
  • Phuket: AUD $15,450 / NZD $16,700

All in all you are saving upwards of 50% on dental work by travelling to Phuket. The savings more than make up for travel and accommodation costs and you will still be saving a significant amount. Not only will you get your dental treatment for a low price, but you will enjoy an amazing vacation.


Bear in mind that the quality of treatment is only guaranteed if you select a reputed clinic. Here are a few clinics you should consider if you are travelling to Phuket:



Now that you have an idea of the savings offered by dentists in Phuket, you should go about researching your options and picking a clinic. Feel free to contact the customer support at Dentists in Phuket to learn more.

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