Travel to Phuket for Top-notch Dental Treatment and Hefty Cost Savings

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Most people neglect undergoing extensive dental treatments, such as root canals and implants, in first world countries because of the exorbitant prices. And with a rise in labour and operational costs, the prices will just continue to increase. Luckily, for people Down Under, there is an affordable and quality solution, i.e. travelling to Phuket. Dentists there offer world-class treatments at low prices. Thailand is a not just a beautiful tourist destination, but also one of the world’s most reputed dental tourism hotspots for people all around the world.

Procedures, such as dental implants and crowns in Phuket, are affordable. And before you start thinking that you would probably have to compromise your health to save money, you are wrong. This is just a myth conjured up by people who do not know how the system works in Thailand. You see, one of the main reasons why dentists in Thailand provide affordable and high quality dental treatments is because the government does not impose strict red tape business policies their clinics. In fact, the government encourages and motivates businesses to engage in friendly competition and attract more dental tourists.


Aussies and Kiwis travel to Thailand to enjoy the beautiful beaches and to bask in the country’s limitless bounties or hospitality. Moreover, they come here to get dental fillings and other major treatments. And because dental clinics do not have to pay exorbitant administrative fees, the cost of running a clinic is low. Moreover, because the cost of living in Phuket is also low, dentists can hire top-notch dental assistants and overall staff at competitive salaries. They invest the money they save in state-of-the-art clinical equipment and medical facilities to provide customers with streamlined satisfaction and comfort.


Plus, you can also get schedule an appointment with all on four dentists, and undergo a comprehensive treatment procedure, guaranteed to fix your beautiful smile. In Phuket, dentists are among some of the most experienced and talented throughout the region. Moreover, most dentists come with international academic backgrounds and received their dental training abroad. A majority of the dentists are fluent in English, which means you do not face any barriers to communication.


How Much Will You Save?

When you talk about dental fillings or crowns in Phuket, understand that affordability and quality care are the topmost reasons why so many Aussies and Kiwis come to Phuket apart from spending their vacations here. So, in light of this, here is a brief look at how much money you can save on different treatments:


Root Canal

Australia: AUD $1,660

New Zealand: NZD $1,706

Thailand: AUD $343 / NZD $365


Australia: AUD $33,910

New Zealand: NZD $34,841

Thailand: AUD $15,287 / NZD $16,235

Dental Implants

Australia: AUD $5,098

New Zealand: NZD $5,238

Thailand: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871


The Best Dental Clinics

Along with the massive affordability factor, you can find all on four dentists operating some of the best dental clinics in Thailand. Choosing the right clinic is important for ensuring everything is in line with your expectations and comfort. Here is a list of five of the best dentists in the city:



In Phuket, dentists are the solution to all your dental woes, especially if you are from Down Under. Along with saving money, you will get top-notch treatment and friendly, highly competent service. The level of hospitality on offer and the welcoming ambience of the clinics there might even surprise you. If you want more information about these clinics, feel free to contact our customer support.

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