Benefits of Opting for All-On-Four Dental Implants

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Dental implants are the perfect choice if you need to replace a few missing or broken teeth. However, what happens if you need to replace more than a few teeth? Getting individual implants will not only be costly, but also difficult. In this situation, the most suitable option for you is getting all-on-4 in Phuket.

If you get the all-on-four treatment from a local dentist, you will have to spend thousands of dollars. In fact, most people cannot even afford the treatment. However, if you head to Phuket, dentists offer their services at low prices. So, why should you opt for an all-on-four Phuket side? Are there any specific benefits to this procedure? Let us look at the benefits of opting for all-on-four dental implants:


No Need to Get Individual Implants

If you need to replace all your teeth, it is not practical to get individual implants. There are a number of reasons you cannot get individual implants. Firstly, the procedure will be extremely difficult to carry out. The dentist will have to install implants for each tooth in the bone.


In addition, it is impossible to install the number of individual implants required for each tooth. Your jaw would not be able to handle so many implants in the bone. An all-on-four implant offers a simpler solution. All the artificial teeth rest on four implants. This maintains the structural integrity of your jawbone and enables you to get all new teeth.


All-On-Four Costs Less than Individual Implants

Getting a single implant could cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you need to replace a few teeth, single implants could cost you a lot. In this scenario, it is best to get an all-on-four implant. Let us look at a price comparison to give you a better idea.

A single dental implant in Australia and New Zealand will easily cost AUD $5,098/ NZD $5,238. In Phuket, you will only have to pay AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871 for an implant. If you need to replace eight teeth, the treatment would easily cost you around AUS $21,040 / NZD $22,968.


An all-on-four is the perfect solution if you need to replace more than six teeth. In Australia, this would cost you AUD $33,910, while in New Zealand, you will have to spend NZD $34,841. In Phuket, you can get the treatment for only AUD $15,450 / NZD $16,700. As you can see, all-on-4 in Phuket helps you save thousands of dollars.


Long Lasting Treatment

Dental implants last a long while in general. All-on-4 implants have a longer life than dental implants. Typically, the implant can last you more than 15 years. Of course, this entirely depends on how well you care for your implants. If you care for the implants as per the dentist’s instructions, they could last longer.


If you get the implants from Phuket, be sure to discuss aftercare with your dentist in detail. You need to follow these instructions down to the last detail for best results. If you want quality implants, you should seek out reputed clinics. The best clinics include DDS Dental Clinic, Patong Smile Dental Clinic, Pearl Dental Clinic and Sea Smile International Dental Clinic. Each of these have gone through our comprehensive screening process.


In Phuket, dentists offer reliable and affordable services. You can save thousands of dollars on all-on-4 in Phuket. If you want to learn more about scheduling an appointment, feel free to get in touch with our customer support.


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