What Makes Crowns in Phuket So Cheap?

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Phuket has a reputation as a dental tourism hub. The rising cost of dentistry locally is driving Aussies and Kiwis to travel to Phuket for dental work. Despite the low prices on offer, some people are apprehensive about the quality of dental care abroad. In Phuket, dentists provide treatments at significantly lower rates. This causes people to believe the quality may not be up to par. However, crowns in Phuket are of the highest quality. You can enjoy considerable savings despite picking an experienced. They perform the procedures in accordance with international standards. So, how do clinics in Phuket keep prices low?


Why Are Prices Low?

Prices for crowns in Phuket are low due to lack of bureaucratic red tape. Since the clinics do not have to deal with strict regulations, they can keep their overhead costs low. Furthermore, the lack of red tape allows them to source materials for a cheaper rate. Low overhead costs and cheap materials allow the clinics to offer dental fillings at low prices. The materials that these clinics acquire are of the same quality as dentists Down Under.


Select the Best Dental Clinics

If you want quality care in Phuket, you need to locate reputed all-on-four dentists. The best way to go about this is to opt for a reputed clinic. The clinics ensure they hire only the best dentists and staff. In Phuket, dentists keep prices low while offering first-rate treatments. DDS Dental Clinic, Patong Smile Dental Clinic, Pearl Dental Clinic, Sea Smile Dental Clinic and Phuket Dental Studio are a few clinics you should consider for your dental treatment:


DDS Dental Clinic

DDS has been around for many years. Due to the spectacular quality of the treatment, the clinic is one of the best in Phuket. They provide a range of procedures at a nominal price. Their team comprises of the best dentists in the region.

Patong Smile Dental Clinic

Patong Smile boasts a hygienic and state-of-the-art facility. The clinic is close to the Patong Beach so you should not have much trouble finding it. The clinic prides itself in providing the best dental care at affordable prices.

Pearl Dental Clinic

Pearl Dental has a friendly and welcoming staff. They have a team of experienced dentists who will guide you in detail about the procedure. If you want reliable care, this clinic is the choice for you.

Sea Smile Dental Clinic

Sea Smile makes their patients really comfortable. Their staff is more than skilled to answer any questions you may have. The team at is fluent in English, so you should not have any trouble in communicating with them.

Phuket Dental Studio

One of the leading clinics in Thailand, Phuket Dental offers everything, from root canals to implants. They aim to provide the highest quality dental care at the lowest possible price.

How Much Savings are You Looking at?

Before you head over to Phuket, it is important to research on how much you will save. The savings are more than enough to cover the cost of your trip as well as accommodation. But to give you an idea of how much different treatments cost, here’s a comparison:



  • Cost in Australia: AUD $44,513
  • Cost in New Zealand: NZD $48,978
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $16,352 / NZD $17,945

Dental Fillings

  • Cost in Australia: AUD $202
  • Cost in New Zealand: NZD $207
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $53 / NZD $58


All-on-four dentists in Thailand are your best bet at getting cheap dental care. If you want to travel to Phuket, you should check out the above-mentioned dental clinics. In Phuket, dentists are reliable and affordable across the board. You can easily book your appointment at Dentists in Phuket.


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