A Guide to Getting Implants in Phuket

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Dental implants are suitable for individuals with missing or broken teeth. Dentists insert implants into your jawbone and attach an artificial tooth. The implants appear like natural teeth and are extremely durable. Unfortunately, dental implants are extremely expensive in developed countries. A single implant can cost thousands of dollars and is out of the reach of most people. If you need dental implants, you should seek out the best dental clinic Phuket side.

Clinics in Phuket not only charge a fraction of the price at their Aussie and Kiwi counterparts, but they are extremely reliable as well. But you need to make sure you select the best clinic for implants in Phuket. Reputed clinics make sure they hire only the best dentists for their team. They have hygienic facilities and trained staff to look after their patients. If you plan on going to Phuket for dental implants, here are a couple of clinics you should consider:



Is Travelling to Phuket Worth Your While?

A concern many people have is whether or not the savings on dental work make the trip worth their while? Fortunately, dental implant prices in Phuket are low, offering you thousands of dollars in terms of savings. In Australia and New Zealand, the average price of the treatment is AUD $5,098/ NZD $5,238. In comparison, you can get the treatment for just AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871 in Phuket. As you can see, the dental implant prices in Phuket are close to half of what you would pay back home.

Even if you are getting a single implant, you are looking at thousands of dollars in savings. This means you can easily offset the cost of travel and accommodation. This is a great opportunity to take a mini vacation, where you can explore Phuket, which is among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world.


Important Things to Know About Dental Implants

The first thing you should know about implants is that the procedure is complex. Therefore, you should discuss the treatment with the best clinic for implants in Phuket in detail. Your dentist should explain what the treatment entails. If you are travelling to get implants, you will need to plan your trip accordingly.


You should reserve the sightseeing to the first few days. This way, once you get the implants, you can just rest. Bear in mind you should not travel immediately after getting the implants. You should allow yourself a few days of rest post procedure. You can spend the days after the procedure relaxing on the beach. Also, you should consider finding lodging close to the clinic. Regardless of the dental clinic Phuket side that you choose, you can expect it to be near a popular tourist spot. So, finding the clinic you book an appointment at should not pose a challenge.


One of the most important aspects of getting dental implants is the post-procedure care. Typically, implants take about 6 months to heal. This reason is why the procedure involves two stages. In the first stage, the dentist inserts the actual implants.


Once the implants heal, the dentist will attach the artificial tooth. After inserting the implant into your jawbone, the dentist will ask you to return six months down the line, providing time for the implant to heal and bind to your jaw. After this, you will need to travel to Phuket again for the final installation. The savings ensure that making a second trip will not prove an issue.


The average dental clinic Phuket side is a great option for getting cheap and quality implants. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support.

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