All About High-Quality Dental Implants in Phuket

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Dental implants are a great option if you have missing or broken teeth. You can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Implants last long and look like natural teeth. Unfortunately, dental implants in developed countries are expensive. This reason is why Aussies and Kiwis seek dental care in Phuket. Dental implant price there is close to 40% lower than Down Under.

Even though dental implants in Phuket are cheap, some people are skeptical about travelling there for the treatment. They believe that the low price is reflective of the low quality of the treatment. However, this is not true. You can conveniently find high-quality implants in Phuket. In addition, the dentists there are competent and reliable. So, before you go to Thailand for implants, you need to know a few things. Here is everything you need to know about quality implants in Phuket:


What are Implants?

As the name suggests, dental implants entail inserting actual titanium posts into your jawbone. This procedure comprises of two parts. The dentist will insert the implants into your jaw, under the gum. Once the implants heal, the dentist will attach artificial teeth to them. You have the option of getting a single implant or you can replace multiple teeth. So, how much are dental implants in Phuket? Dental implants in Phuket are extremely cheap.


If you get your implants from Phuket, the savings are significant. The best part is that most clinics are near popular tourist destinations. This means that you can find lodging at reasonable rates. Of course, since Thailand is a tourist hotspot, you can easily find cheap travel options. Before you make travel arrangements, you should research cheap dental implants in Phuket. Here is a price comparison of different types of implants in Phuket:


  • Australia: AUD $5,098
  • New Zealand: NZD $5,238
  • Phuket: AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871


Post-Procedure Care

One of the most important aspects of getting dental implants is the post-procedure care. The implants need to bind to the bone before your dentist can install artificial teeth. The actual implants take about six months to heal. During this time, you will need to care for the implants and keep them clean to avoid infection. Be sure to discuss the post-procedure care in detail with your dentist.


Once the implants heal, you will need to go back to Phuket for your dentist to install the teeth. You need to make two trips to Phuket to complete the implant procedure. But the good thing is that in Phuket, dental implant price is so low that it will not be a burden. You will save thousands of dollars on implants. If you plan your trip the right way, the savings on cheap dental implants in Phuket will cover the cost of two trips to Phuket in addition to the treatment.


Where Should You Get Implants?

It is important to know how much are dental implants in Phuket. But you need to concentrate on selecting the right clinic for your treatment. If you want good quality implants at a low price, you have to select a reputed clinic. These clinics have a solid reputation and will offer the best care. In addition, these clinics have staff that speaks English fluently. This will make communication a breeze. Here are a few clinics you should consider:



In Phuket, dental implant price is low enough to make a trip there worth your while. For more details about the best clinics, you should contact our customer support. You can also book an appointment via Dentists in Phuket.

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