What Makes Dentists in Phuket Reliable?

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Many Australians and New Zealanders travel to Thailand as it offers more affordable dental care. However, not everyone is so trusting, so you may be reluctant to go there despite the success stories you have heard. It is natural to be sceptical about something that is too good to be true, but in Phuket, dental care is high-quality and reliable. These are some of the reasons why.


World-Class Education

Dentists in Phuket undergo a thorough education process. Many dentists practicing there have studied abroad so they are familiar with international standards that prevail in dentistry. They incorporate these to ensure the highest standard of quality.



Dentists in Phuket have years of experience performing dental procedures. This is because they are busy with overseas patients and can specialize as a result. Many dentists are experts in treatments such as All-on-6’s or dental implants.


World-Class Facilities

In Phuket, dentists operate in accordance with international standards with excellent hygiene. The following abide by these norms and have been highly recommended by past patients:



Affordable Dentistry

One of the main reasons you should opt for dental treatment in Phuket is the price. Each dental treatment is much less expensive than at home, and if you plan your trip you can save a significant amount. The following comparisons show you how much you can save in Phuket:


All-on-6 Dental Implants

  • Australia: AUD 44,513
  • New Zealand: NZD 48,978
  • Phuket: AUD 16,352 / NZD 17,945

Dental Fillings

  • Australia: AUD 202
  • New Zealand: NZD 207
  • Phuket: AUD 53 / NZD 58


Getting Started


Dentists in Phuket are affordable and high-quality. Schedule an appointment online at Dentists in Phuket or contact the customer care team for more information.

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