Why Trust Dentists in Phuket for an All-on-4

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All-on-Four dental implants are popular with visitors to Phuket because they are much more affordable than in the west. The savings are so great that the cost of travelling can be added and you will still save money, with no loss on the quality of treatment. Rest assured, the standard of care in Phuket is high, and this is why:


World-Class Dentists

The dentists in Phuket are experienced in performing All-on-Four dental implant surgery as they do so regularly. Also, many of the dentists in Phuket studied abroad, which is a reassuring factor as it means that they know how to perform procedures in accordance with international standards. Most dentists are also fluent in English. In essence, the quality of treatment is the same as you would get at your local clinic, if not better.


The Facilities Are Excellent

All-on-Four dental implants in Phuket are performed in hygienic facilities in accordance with international standards. The clinics are modern and full of the latest technology, and the following have been highly recommended by past patients for an All-on-4.



The Treatment Prices Are Reasonable

All-on-four implants are available at reasonable prices, with savings of over 60% available. In Australia, an All-on-4 costs AUD 33,910 and it is NZD 34,841 in New Zealand. If you get the All-on-Four implants in Phuket, it costs only AUD 15,450 / NZD 16,700.



Getting Started

All-on-Four dental implants in Phuket will save you thousands. Set up an appointment online with Dentists in Phuket or contact the customer care team for more information.


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