How to Choose a High-Quality Clinic in Phuket

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Getting dental treatment in Phuket is a great option for those who need more cost-effective dental care. In Phuket, dentists have the skills and experience to perform procedures to a high standard and do so at much more affordable prices than in the west. However, you need to select the right clinic for you, and undergoing treatment at a reputable clinic will provide peace of mind. The following guide will help you select a world-class clinic for your dental treatment:


Selecting the Right Clinic

Selecting a clinic for dental treatment in Phuket is straightforward with the help of Dentists in Phuket. We undertake stringent checks to ensure the quality of care including the verification of the doctor’s qualifications, checks on legal documents, and even an on-site visit to check that international hygiene standards are enforced.


The following clinics have been highly recommended by past patients:



Selecting Accommodation

Phuket has an excellent tourist infrastructure with an international airport and numerous hotels and resorts. Dentists in Phuket recommend you stay in accommodation close to the clinic as traffic can be a problem. If you are travelling for a minor procedure like dental fillings or crowns, this should not make much of a difference. However, having lodging close to the clinic will be helpful if you are travelling for implants as that is invasive so you will need to rest before you travel back home.


How Much Can You Save?

Dental treatment is much less expensive in Phuket than in the west, as shown in the comparison below:


Dental Crowns

  • Australia: AUD 1,505
  • New Zealand: NZD 1,545
  • Phuket: AUD 700 / NZD 758


  • Australia: AUD 202
  • New Zealand: NZD 207
  • Phuket: AUD 53 / NZD 58


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


These savings may not cover the cost of flights and accommodation but if you combine the trip with a holiday or multiple treatments then you will make some savings.


Getting Started


Set an appointment online at Dentists in Phuket or if you need more information about the clinics in Phuket, you can reach out to the customer support.

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