Get the Lowest Dental Implant Price Possible in Phuket

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When planning a trip to Phuket for dental implant surgery there are several things you should consider to ensure you get the best combination of care and savings. In Phuket, the price of dental implants is low and there is no compromise on the quality of the treatment.


As such, Phuket is a popular dental tourism destination, and this is a guide that will help you make big savings on a dental implant.


Select a High-Quality Clinic

Clinics listed in Dentists in Phuket maintain impeccable standards. For example, their staff are highly trained, maintain strict hygiene across the facility, and are fluent in English so there are communication issues.


The clinics employ dentists who undertook at least part of their studies abroad before returning to Thailand. These professionals utilize international dentistry standards of care and hygiene, so you will not just get the best price, but world-class treatment too.


Here are some popular clinics in Phuket that have been highly recommended by past patients:



How Much Can You Save?

Dental implants in Phuket are on average around 50% lower than at home. You should note that the surgery requires 2 visits to Thailand, 3 to 6 months apart, so that might affect your savings. However, if you add in some other dental or cosmetic treatment that you need, you can theoretically save more than you would undertaking separate trips.


The first step involves inserting the implant into your jawbone. Once this has been implanted 3 to 6 is needed to allow it to heal. Then you can return for the natural-looking tooth after it has fused.


A single dental implant in Australia costs AUD 5,098 and in New Zealand, you would have to pay NZD 5,238. By opting for inexpensive dental implants in Phuket it costs just AUD 2,630 / NZD 2,871, which is a saving of around 50%.


Discuss the Procedure with Your Dentist at Home

You will need to take certain precautions and prepare for the treatment before travelling for the procedure. For example, you should get a thorough oral check-up as you need to be of sound oral health before you can get an implant.


The actual dental implant procedure takes less than a day but you will not be able to travel back the same day as it is an invasive procedure. You will not be able to go into the sea or pool post-treatment either, so plan any water sports before the operation.


Getting Started

Affordable dental implants in Phuket are carried out by highly qualified dentists in modern clinics. Contact the customer support for more information or book an appointment online at no extra charge.

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