Everything You Need to Know about Dentistry in Phuket

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In Phuket, dentists are popular with patients from around the world and Phuket is well known as a dental tourism hub. As a result of the higher standards demanded by international patients, facilities in Phuket are high-quality. They offer affordable and reliable dental care in modern surroundings, in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is already on the radar of many, and here is more information for you about travelling to this island paradise for dental work.


Dentistry in Phuket is Affordable Yet Reliable

Many people who travel abroad for dental care worry about the quality of treatment, with many not expecting dentistry in Phuket to be the same standard as in clinics in the west. However, this claim is untrue, as the quality of dental care in Phuket is excellent. Dentists there undergo extensive training and education before receiving their license, with many undertaking some of their studies abroad at world-class educational institutions.


As such, they have sufficient exposure to international dentistry practices and hygiene standards. Also, clinics there are full of the latest technology, so whether you need an All-on-Four dental implant, dental fillings or crowns in Phuket, you can expect great service and care.


How Affordable is Dental Care in Phuket?

You could save at least 50% on the cost of dental treatment in Phuket, as shown in the price comparison below. This saving is due to the low cost of living in Thailand and the high levels of price competition between clinics:


Dental Crowns

  • Australia:                  AUD 1,505
  • New Zealand:           NZD 1,545
  • Phuket:                     AUD 700 / NZD 758




  • Australia:                  AUD 202
  • New Zealand:           NZD 207
  • Phuket:                     AUD 53 / NZD 58


Selecting the Right Clinic

Dentists in Phuket ensure that your clinic will meet hygiene and quality standards by undertaking a series of stringent checks. These include an on-site visit, verifying legal documents and checking the dentist’s qualifications. The following clinics passed all tests and have been highly recommended by past patients:



Why Phuket?

Phuket is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world, with the island ranked consistently among the top 25 beach locations. It has lots to offer including sunshine, scenery, street markets, temples, and buzzing nightlife.


Getting Started

Phuket’s dentists offer affordable and reliable care. Book an appointment, or if you require assistance with scheduling an appointment, you should contact the customer support team.


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