Getting Dental Implants in Phuket

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If you are you thinking about travelling to Phuket for dental implants then you probably are aware of the benefits of dental tourism. However, before you board a plane, you should undertake some research. If you did, you would discover that Phuket has much lower dental implant prices than Australia and New Zealand. These savings do not mean you have to compromise on quality though, and this review will help you prepare for your trip.


How to Choose a Reliable Clinic

The key to getting high-quality dental implants by an accomplished dentist in Phuket is choosing the right clinic. All clinics in Thailand are registered with the Ministry of Health so the base level of care is high, but in a tourist destination popular with westerners you will receive better than average care. Additionally, you can use the listings on the site as a guide as we conduct extensive background checks to ensure only the most reliable clinics are added to our website. The screening process includes on-site visits, verifying staff qualifications, and checking the malpractice records.


The following clinics have passed all tests and have also been highly recommended by past patients:



These clinics are state-of-the-art and house the latest dental technology and equipment. Staff speak English fluently so you will not have any communication problems and they use the same materials as clinics in the west.


How Much Can You Save?

On average, dental implants in Phuket cost 70% less than in Australia or New Zealand.


A single dental implant in Australia and New Zealand costs AUD 5,098 and NZD 5,238, whereas, in Phuket, you can get a dental implant for just AUD 2,630 / NZD 2,871. You will need to make two trips for this procedure, but overall you will save money despite the additional costs.


You Can Discuss the Implants with Your Local Dentist

You should have a consultation with your local dentist before travelling, including getting a thorough oral checkup to confirm you are ready to get dental implants. If you have any underlying problems then it may not be possible to undertake the procedure.


Getting Started

Phuket is home to affordable and high-quality dental implant procedures. Feel free to contact the customer support team if you have any questions or book online at no extra charge.


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