Phuket is the Best Thai Dental Tourism Destination

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Millions of people travel to Phuket every year as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its tourism sector contributes approximately 20% to the Thai economy of Thailand, and with the advent of dental and medical tourism, this is set to grow even further in the future. The reason Thailand is so popular for dental tourism is that in Phuket, dentists are able to keep prices low. They simply pass on savings created by a lower cost of living to their patients.


How Much Can You Save?

Phuket is a dental tourism destination with low-cost dentistry. For all treatments, including dental fillings and dental crowns you can make significant savings, which is very helpful for Australians and New Zealanders, for whom affordable and available dental treatment is a rare find. Down Under, the cost of dental care has been steadily rising for several years. This has made treatments such as All-on-Four dentists in Phuket more attractive, as the patient can save thousands of dollars having treatment overseas.


You could save more than 50%, which for an All-on-4 could equate to more than $15,000. You could also pay less than 30% of the total cost on fillings and crowns, and although this will not cover the total cost of flights and accommodation, if you are travelling there already you should take advantage.


Excellent Dentists

In Phuket, dentists are highly-qualified and experienced, with some specializing in dental treatments such as dental implants or All-on-4’s. Many undertook at least part of their training in educational institutions around the world, with Australia a popular destination. As such, they have been exposed to international standards of dentistry as well as the best hygiene practices. As a result, you end up receiving high-quality care but at lower prices.


High-Quality Clinics

Phuket is home to several modern and high-quality dental clinics, all of which house the latest equipment. The following clinics have passed all checks and tests set and have been highly recommended by past patients:



Getting Started

Phuket is a popular dental tourism destination because it offers low prices, highly-qualified dentists and modern clinics. Feel free to contact the customer support if you need help with scheduling an appointment or book online at no extra charge.


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