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At Dentists in Phuket we help you find quality dental care that does not cost a fortune. Our goal is to make high quality and affordable dental care accessible for everyone. We bring you the most reliable cheap dental clinics in Phuket. Too many people are bothered by the expensive dental care in first-world countries. Phuket is a very convenient alternative especially for people in Australia and New Zealand. Thailand has been a popular holiday destination for a long time. Over the past years it has also become a dental tourism hotspot due to the rising out-of-pocket dental expenses.


We Help You Save Money

We know that you can receive excellent dental care for much less by traveling to Phuket. And we work hard to bring you comprehensive dental services, connecting you to the most competent and reliable dental experts in the country. You will not find this value for money back home. For instance, dental implant prices in Phuket average at AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871. Compare this to the average price of AUD $5,098 and NZD $5,238 in Australia and New Zealand respectively. So even if you factor in the cost of travel and accommodation, you can still save money.


Thanks to the lower operating costs and cost of materials and labour in Thailand, you are able to enjoy such affordable dental care without compromising on quality. Even the top dentists there are able to pass on these savings on to their patients. This is the beauty of dental tourism. While some clinics might not be up to the mark, our system helps you avoid such places.


We Help You Find the Best Dentists in Phuket

The thought of traveling to another country for dental services can seem a little daunting at first. You might wonder how will you ever find a reliable dentist? Or will you save good money after spending on travel and accommodation? We understand these questions and encourage you to travel only when you are confident about the process.


This is why we bring you a pre-screened list of cheap dental clinics in Phuket that you can trust. Every dental clinic you see on our website has gone through our rigorous screening process. This includes onsite visits, checking malpractice and criminal records and verifying staff qualifications and dental association memberships. We also collect authentic patient reviews so you can learn more about the clinic and the experience of visiting it. Our team leaves no stone unturned to help you make the most of the low cost dentistry in Phuket.


Our work helps you save time and money. No need to hunt for the right cheap dental clinics in Phuket. Just stick to our listing and you will be fine. Why pay the outrageous dental bills back home? You do not have to settle for low quality dentistry or for expensive dental work. Check out the clinics on our site and start planning your dental holiday to Phuket to get the best of cost and quality.

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