Dental Crowns in Phuket


Getting dental crowns in Phuket is a very attractive option for people in Australia and New Zealand. The high out-of-pocket costs for dental care including dental crowns in these countries is frustrating for a lot of people. Phuket is the most convenient and affordable alternative option for them. If you need dental crowns, you should consider getting them in Phuket; you will save money and enjoy a nice vacation while you are there.


What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are dental restorations used to completely cap or enclose a tooth or dental implant. Often, crowns are required when a tooth’s health is threatened by a large cavity. Dental cement is usually used to bond crowns to the tooth.


The crowns are quite effective for fixing misshapen, broken and ugly teeth. They also help strengthen the teeth and beautify your smile. Check out some of the reasons why you might need a dental crown:


  • After getting a dental implant, the crown will be attached to the abutment
  • The crown can be used to strengthen a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • The crown can also for fortifying a tooth after a large filling
  • To deal with tooth damage from decay, grinding, injury or accident
  • You can also use crowns for cosmetic reasons
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Severe discoloration of the teeth
  • Extraordinarily small teeth, not fixable by teeth whitening
  • Misaligned teeth


You can discuss your specific needs even with your local dentist before you fly out to Phuket. The dentist there will also conduct an assessment of their own; it does not hurt to be better informed before you arrive in Thailand.


What is Getting a Dental Crown Like?

Getting a dental crown usually requires two visits to the dentist. The first appointment is usually about an hour long. Your dentist will shape and prepare the tooth that needs the dental crown. He will also take impressions of your mouth, and add a temporary crown until the permanent crown is fabricated. This can can take a couple of days, after which you will make your second visit to get the permanent crown fixed.


Clinics with CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) technology can complete this entire process on the same day. If you have the time, the dentist will ask you to visit after some days for a follow-up to check the crown is fitted perfectly.


Dental crowns in Phuket are manufactured from the same variety of substances (more on that later) as in Australia and New Zealand. The best dental crown clinics in Phuket use the same materials and brands as your local dentist. But thanks to the lower cost of materials, you can get the crowns at a fraction of the cost.


The life of a dental crown can span anywhere between five and 15 years. Factors such as the material used and the stress placed on the tooth will affect the life within this range. Why not save thousands of dollars every time you need to get new crowns by getting them in Phuket?


Caring for your temporary crowns

In case the clinic does not have CAD/CAM technology, you will need to wear temporary crowns for a few days. Keep the following tips in mind to take care for your temporaries:


  • Be careful when flossing so as to not to accidentally remove the temporary crown; floss downwards and slide out.
  • Avoid sticky and chewy food
  • Also avoid crunchy and hard foods
  • Use the teeth on the other side for chewing


How Much Can Phuket Save You on Dental Crowns?

While the total cost of getting a dental crown depends on the crown’s size and material, you will definitely get it for much less in Phuket. The low dental crowns cost in Phuket continues to attract an increasing number of Aussies and Kiwis to this Thai paradise. Check out the price comparison:


  • Cost in Australia: $1,505
  • Cost in New Zealand: $1,545
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $700 / NZD $758


Remember that these are average prices, per crown. So if you are going for several dental crowns, you can save thousands of dollars. The savings will more than cover the cost of travel and accommodation. You can even take a partner along and enjoy a small holiday together, returning with plenty of reasons to smile!


Rest assured that the lower prices are not because of lower quality. This is simply a myth, believed and spread by those unaware of the actual reasons behind the price difference. The main reasons are:


  • It costs much less to run a dental clinic in Thailand
  • Cost of materials is much lower in Thailand
  • Cost of labour and cost of living are also much lower
  • The red tape affecting first-world businesses is absent in Thailand


So do not let anyone tell you that getting crowns in Phuket means risking your dental health. It is simply a matter of having good economics on your side! Your local dentist back home cannot complete with Phuket’s dentists because of these reasons.


Different Types of Crowns

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from different materials of dental crowns in Phuket just like you can in your hometown. Let us take a closer look at the five popular kinds of materials.


Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) Crowns

This is a strong and relatively affordable option. But it is not the most visually appealing and it not recommended for people with metal allergies.


Porcelain/Ceramic Crowns

A popular choice for front teeth, they can be colour-blended quite easily to match your natural teeth. However, they are not the most durable.


Zirconia Crowns (Base metal alloy)

This option is the strongest and the especially resistant to wear. They also look great and are kind to your natural teeth. The potential downside is that they are the more expensive among the available crown materials.


Resin Crowns

While these cost the least, they are the least durable and prone to fracturing.


Gold Alloy Crowns

This material does not erode the neighbouring teeth and is a more durable option than porcelain/ceramic crown.


We encourage you to discuss the pros and cons of these crown types with your dentist. One con you can worry less about when getting dental crowns in Phuket is the relatively high price as in the case of Zirconia crowns.


How to Find the Right Dental Crowns Clinic in Phuket?

Finding the right dental clinic in a foreign city like Phuket can seem tough. Thankfully, we are here to help. Our team maintains the most reliable listing of dental clinics in Phuket you can find. Our comprehensive background check ensures only the most reputed clinics are added to our website.


For starters, we visit the clinics and assess the facilities and equipment. We also appraise the clinic’s health, safety and sterilization processes. Malpractice and criminal records of the clinic are also checked. Our team also verifies the dentists’ qualifications and dental association memberships.


Moreover, we collect dental crowns reviews in Phuket from patients and share their testimonials on our site. This helps you better understand the clinics you are considering and what it is like getting a dental crown at one of them.


As you can see, a lot goes into curating our pre-screened listing. We ensure that the dental crown you get in Phuket is not inferior in any way to the ones you would get back home, for much more money. We take hassle out of the equation; you can quickly zoom in on the most suitable clinics with just a few clicks on our portal.


Myths About Crowns

Before you fly out to Phuket, you should clear any misconceptions about dental crowns you may have, such as:


  • “Crowns can be stained by good and drinks”
  • “Crowns are only used in restorative dentistry”
  • “Crowns look fake”
  • “Crowns cannot chip or break”
  • “Crowns last a lifetime with little-to-no maintenance”


As we explained the reasons behind the price difference, you know better than to believe myths like dentists in Phuket are not as qualified or competent as in Down Under. While we cannot rule the presence of some clinics that are not up to the mark, our screening process ensures they do not make it onto our website.


Phuket has been a famous tourist destination long before Instagram, Snapchat or even smartphones were common. So when you set out for this mesmerizing Thai island province for a dental crown, you are in for an unforgettable holiday. The beaches, the food, the historic sites all combine to dazzle your senses. Whether you just want to relax in the calming atmosphere or enjoy a more active holiday, Phuket will not let you down.

Feel free to check out the clinics on our site that offer dental crowns in Phuket. Booking through us will get you warranties on the dental work and materials used. We also advise you to understand the location of your hotel in Phuket and the clinic you have to visit. With the right planning, you can get quality crowns for much less without any hassle.

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