Dentures in Phuket

Driven by the increasing costs of dental care, a lot of Aussies and Kiwis are getting dentures in Phuket. Traditionally seen as a holiday destination, this island province in Thailand has also evolved into a dental tourism hub. If you need dentures, you should consider getting them for cheap in Phuket.


A growing number of people Down Under are forced to travel abroad for affordable dental treatment. While this might seem a little confusing at first, with our help you can easily plan and execute your dental holiday. Phuket offers an attractive proposition to save good money on this dental treatment. The only trick is finding a reliable clinic, which you can do on the Dentists in Phuket website.


How Much Can You Save?

Before we compare prices, you should know they vary based on numerous factors such as:


  • Whether you need partial or full dentures
  • The material used to create your dentures
  • The clinic you select for the treatment


Now as a general guideline, check out the average costs in your home country against Phuket:


  • Cost in Australia: $2,378
  • Cost in New Zealand: $2,443
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $955 / NZD $1,031


So you can save over a thousand dollars on your new dentures. To make the most of these cost savings, you can combine this with a vacation in Phuket, or with a more expensive treatment if possible. And if you happen to be in Phuket whether for work or leisure and you need dentures, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get them for cheap during your stay. The low dentures cost in Phuket continues to attract an increasing number of dental tourists from Down Under and even beyond.


Why the Price Difference?

If you are wondering if the price difference is due to a difference in quality, do not be alarmed. While it is a genuine concern, the actual reasons for the price variance are quite comforting. First off, the cost of materials and labour are much lower in Thailand compared to in Australia and New Zealand.


Running a dental clinic in Thailand is a much cheaper affair than Down Under. The lower cost of living enables even the top dentists in Phuket offer you their services at much lower prices than your dentist back home. On top of that, dentists in Phuket do not have to deal with the red tape that bothers and drives up costs of businesses in first-world countries.


Benefits of Dentures

When you think about dentures, you might picture someone with a complete set of false teeth that has replaced the entire upper or lower arch of teeth. The reality is there are many more people using dentures than you might think, with many using them to replace only a couple of teeth.


Regardless of what extent of replacement you need, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of dentures in Phuket besides the lower price:


  • They allow you to properly chew your food, especially if you have lost a lot of teeth
  • They enhance the appearance of your mouth, helping you avoid the shame of a gummy smile
  • They help you maintain your oral health as gaps between your teeth can be uncomfortable and painful especially when eating certain kinds of foods.


What is Procedure Like?

You will need two to three appointments to get your dentures in Phuket. If you need extractions, you may need more sessions. In that case the dentist will first perform the extraction and then provide a “healing denture” so your gums can heal. This can take up to three months.


Before the dentist prepares and fits your dentures, he will perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth. This includes taking X-rays of your jaw and gums, and an impression of your mouth based on which your dentures will be manufactured.


You can choose from four basic types of dentures in Phuket. Your dentist will recommend the most suitable one for you based on your initial oral examination. Let us take a closer look at these:


Partial Dentures

You should get this option only if you have gaps in your current dentition. These are usually attached over the existing teeth.


Conventional Dentures

Also sometimes called full dentures, these are suitable if all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw need to be replaced.


Immediate Dentures

Remember the healing dentures we mentioned above? These are the ones you need after you have your teeth extracted.



If you have stumps of broken teeth visible, you need overdentures. These will be attached to the remaining tooth matter, providing support and stability for the dentures.


After the dental laboratory manufactures your dentures, you will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment. You will then get your new dentures fitted and the dentist will make any adjustments to ensure they as comfortable as possible.


Finding the Right Clinic

As explained above, there are many reasons why you can get quality dentures in Phuket without compromising on quality. The only “catch” is that you have to find the right clinic. Finding a reliable clinic abroad might seem a little challenging and confusing at first. This is where we come in. We offer you a carefully maintained listing of pre-screened dental clinics in Phuket.


Our team uses thorough background checks to ensure the quality of the clinics we add to our website. This includes:


  • Visiting and inspecting the clinics
  • Checking the clinics’ malpractice and criminal records
  • Verifying the dentists’ and staff qualifications
  • Validating the dentists’ dental association memberships
  • Evaluating the facilities and equipment
  • Assessing the health, safety and sterilization protocols


Our team also collects dentures reviews in Phuket from people who have visited the clinics you are considering. Testimonials from these patients go a long way in helping you plan your own dental holiday.


So if you are wondering “Where can I get dentures in Phuket?”, do not worry. We have done the legwork so you do not have to. While there might be some clinics out there that are not that good, we help you steer clear of them. Doing this in-depth research on your own is often not practical; you may not have the time or resources to do what we are able to. Rest assured that if you stick to our listing you will head to one of the most reputed clinics offering dentures in Phuket.


Misconceptions About Dentures

Do not believe any of the following myths about dentures in Phuket or in general:

  • “The low dentures cost in Phuket is due to low quality”
  • “Dentists in Phuket are not as qualified, experienced or competent as Down Under”
  • “It is next to impossible to find a reliable dental clinic in Phuket”
  • “Dentures last a lifetime”
  • “You do not need to visit the dentist after getting dentures”
  • “You will not be able to eat foods like hard foods”
  • “It takes a long time to adjust to the dentures”


We recommend that you get your dentures replaced every five to seven years. You should also visit your dentist at least once every year for adjustments. This can help you avoid potentially serious problems. If you feel any irritation or sore spots on your gums, visit your dentist right away.


Caring for Your Dentures – Some Dos and Don’ts

Your work begins after the dentist’s work ends. The better you care for your dentures, the better and longer they will serve you. Keep the following care tips in mind:


  • Remove dentures after eating
  • Soak the them overnight
  • Rinse them comprehensively before you put them back, especially you use a denture-soaking solution
  • Be careful when handling your dentures
  • Clean your mouth after removing the dentures
  • Brush your dentures at daily
  • Visit the dentist in case of a loose fit
  • Go for regular dental check-ups


Things to Avoid

  • Harsh cleaning materials. This includes strong cleansers and toothpastes and stiff brushes.
  • Whitening toothpastes. Many of them contain peroxide, which is not too effective on denture teeth.
  • Bleach-containing products. These can weaken your dentures and cause discolouration. Also, don't use chlorine-based solutions to soak dentures with metal attachments to avoid corrosion
  • Hot water. This can warp your dentures.


Getting dentures in Phuket will be the most interesting visit to the dentist every. The stunning island welcomes and entertains tourists from across the world. Hit the beaches, explore the historic buildings, enjoy authentic Thai food – you just might forget to come back home!


Even the clinics there treat you not just as a patient but as a tourist. Many of them are built more like hospitals rather than dental facilities. You will not get this level of pampering and hospitality back home. What you will get for sure is an outrageous dental bill.



So go ahead and check out the clinics on our website for the best dentures in Phuket. Read the clinic descriptions, see the photos and read reviews. Booking through us gets you warranties on dental work and materials used. Why not return home after spending a nice holiday in beautiful Phuket? You will have a lot to smile about!

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