Dental Fillings in Phuket

Gone are the days of ugly silver fillings. Today you can get tooth coloured (composite) fillings to match your natural teeth. Also gone are the days when you absolutely had to spend your money on expensive fillings. You can now get affordable dental fillings in Phuket instead of at your local pricey dentist in Australia or New Zealand. In addition to being a famous holiday destination, this beautiful Thai island has grown into a dental tourism hotspot in recent years.


If you happen to be in Phuket or are planning a holiday, you should definitely consider getting your dental fillings in Phuket. With the rising costs of dental care Down Under, a lot of Aussies and Kiwis are seeking affordable alternatives elsewhere. Phuket is among the most convenient places for them to get dental work done for cheap. Thanks to the top-notch dentists in Thailand, the idea of flying out to another country while on holiday for your fillings is not as crazy as it might sound.


What do You Know About Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a treatment that works to restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure. Fillings do that by counteracting the effects of tooth damage caused by decay or trauma.


Direct Filling

In a direct filling, the dentist applies the filling materials directly on your damaged tooth. The dentist may use a range of filling materials such as composite resin (tooth-coloured), amalgam (silver), resin Ionomer and glass Ionomer.


Indirect Filling

Indirect fillings are usually created in a dental lab beforehand before being cemented on your tooth. This type of filling is normally made from ceramic (porcelain), base metal alloy or gold alloy.


Before your dentist proceeds with either kind of filling treatment, he will examine your tooth and evaluate the extent of the damage. If you need dental fillings, you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. This will let the dentist remove the tooth’s damaged part and prepare the area. After your tooth is prepared, the filling is put inside the tooth. The filling will then be shaped, smoothed and polished. If any adjustments are needed, they will be made to ensure the filling feels comfortable.


Usually, dental fillings can be done in a single appointment. But if you need many fillings you might feel more comfortable spreading it over several sessions to avoid too much time in the dentist’s chair.


When do You Need a Dental Filling?

You can get a dental filling in Phuket if your tooth has suffered damage, whether through decay or fracture. In these cases, you run the risk of getting bacteria inside your tooth and increasing the damage. Your tooth structure can be eroded by bacteria, starches and certain kinds of sugars that are harsh on the teeth, causing infections.


An ideal solution for this is dental fillings. They help restore your damaged tooth and prevent and/or limit further damage to your tooth structure. Fillings are also good in preventing nerve damage and even tooth loss in some cases. You can also get an initial assessment with your local dentist before you head to Phuket to get the fillings.


Is it Worth Traveling to Phuket for Dental Fillings?

A common misconception about dental tourism is that it only makes sense to travel to another country for dental work if you are getting a major treatment that runs into thousands of dollars. While that is the ideal scenario where you can even save well over ten thousand dollars, getting dental fillings in Phuket still makes sense.


While the base price and hence the cost difference itself may not justify the cost of travel and accommodation, you should definitely consider it in two cases. First, you can get the fillings in Phuket if you are already there. Second, you can combine it with a holiday if especially if a vacation is due. This will spread the cost of the holiday and you will just enjoy the benefits of the cheaper fillings. And, if possible, you can always combine it with a bigger and more expensive treatment you need (dental or medical).


The lower dental fillings cost in Phuket attracts scores of people from Down Under and other first-world regions. You just have to pay around 25% for the fillings in Phuket compared to back home. Check out the cost comparison based on average prices:


  • Cost in Australia: $202
  • Cost in New Zealand: $207
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $53 / NZD $58


Do not be fooled by the cheap dental fillings. You get top-quality fillings despite spending a fraction of what you would spend back home.


Why Can You Trust Phuket’s Dental Fillings Quality?

A fair question. You might be thinking that there is something fishy after seeing the price difference. Rest assured that you do not have to compromise on quality just because of the spectacular prices. The main reason why dental fillings are so cheap in Phuket is the lower cost of materials and operation in Thailand. It costs much less to operate a dental clinic in Thailand that it does in Australia or New Zealand.


Moreover, Thailand’s lower cost of living allows even the most reputed dentists to offer their services for much less than their counterparts Down Under ever could. Plus, unlike clinics in first-world countries, those in Thailand do not have to deal with red tape that drives costs up.


People who are unaware of these reasons sometimes start thinking that there must be some trade off with regards to the quality. Now you know this is not the case; do not let anyone convince you otherwise.


Granted, there might be some clinics in Phuket that are not up to the mark. We help you avoid this by screening clinics before adding them to our portal. Our team performs thorough background checks to ensure the competence and reliability of the clinics. Some of the things we do include:


  • Inspecting the clinics
  • Checking malpractice and criminal records
  • Verifying the dentists and staff qualifications
  • Validating dental association memberships
  • Assessing the facilities and equipment
  • Evaluating the safety, health and sterilization protocols


We also collect dental fillings reviews in Phuket from patients who have visited the clinics you are considering. This helps you better understand the process and prepare for your own dental holiday. Our efforts go a long way in helping you find the best clinics in Phuket for dental fillings. We believe you should never trade dollars for health.


We would also like to clarify a misconception that getting dental fillings is uncomfortable. The reality is that modern tools and numbing agents makes the process virtually pain-free. You will be oblivious to what is going on in your mouth. Dentists in Phuket are among the most qualified and experienced you will find, and we make it easy for you to find them.


Emergency Fillings in Phuket

Sometimes fillings can loosen and fall out. If you happen to experience this while in Phuket, do not be alarmed. Just visit any of the clinics on our site that you can reach most conveniently. This situation can be painful as the exposed tooth tissue becomes sensitive to hot, cold and pressure. Thanks to our listing you do not have to waste time hunting for a reliable clinic.


After Getting the Fillings

Caring for your teeth especially after a treatment is crucial. Keep the following care tips in mind after getting dental fillings in Phuket:


  • Understand how long it takes the fillings to set. Check out the times for different filling types:
    • Composite, amalgam and gold fillings: 24 to 48 hours
    • Ceramic fillings: Immediately with blue dental light
    • Glass ionomers: 3 hours, up to 48 hours to get hard
  • Take pain medication if dentist prescribes it
  • Do not eat or drink until the anaesthetic wears off
  • Avoid too hot or cold food and drinks for a few days
  • Avoid hard, sticky or chewy food for a few days
  • Chew with the opposite side you got the fillings


You should also continue with good oral hygiene practices. This includes brushing and flossing daily, including after meals and controlling your intake of sugary and acidic food and drinks. You should also get regular check ups with your dentist. And of course if your local dentist tells you need so and so treatment, you can always plan a dental holiday to Phuket!


If you are flying out to Phuket to combine dental work and holiday, discuss with your dentist what will be the best schedule. You can make your appointment before, after or in between the fun stuff. From the breathtaking beaches to tantalizing cuisine to historic buildings, Phuket offers plenty of unforgettable experiences. Why not combine dental health and a memorable vacation in this beautiful Thai island province?


Feel free to check out the clinics on our site providing dental fillings in Phuket. Read about the clinics, see their pictures, compare prices and read the patient testimonials. We encourage you to book through us so you can get warranties on dental work and materials used.


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