Teeth Whitening in Phuket

While you are at this beautiful Thai island, you should consider getting teeth whitening in Phuket. This simple, quick and painless procedure can transform the way you smile. Most people change seven to nine shades of tooth colour within the hour. In Phuket you can save hundreds of dollars on your teeth whitening. So why not combine it with a vacation at this beautiful destination? If you are already there for some other reason, you should not miss out on the chance to get back your pearly whites for less.


How is the Whitening Done?

Using laser teeth whitening is one of the fastest, effective and most affordable ways to whiten your teeth. The process takes around a couple of hours and you can start seeing the spectacular effects immediately; you could be looking at shades that are 14 shades lighter! Different brands are available such as Zoom! and Brite Smile; your dentist will work with you to choose the ideal shade. With the right maintenance you can enjoy the results for a year or two.


Peroxide gel is used in this laser whitening process, which diffuses into your enamel and whitens it. If you need any more cosmetic work done such as fillings or bonding, you should wait a day or two so you can match the colours to the final shade you get. Moreover, laser whitening’s chemical process affects new fillings’ bonding strength. So it is advisable not to get the fillings too soon after the whitening.


The Process

You can expect the approximately two-hour long procedure to follow this pattern:


  • The dentist will use a chart to determine your teeth’s current shade
  • Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. Any stains or tartar will be removed.
  • Next, your dentist will prepare your mouth for the whitening treatment. A rubber dam will be placed over the teeth to shield the soft tissues; it is important that the bleaching gel only affects the teeth. Moreover, you will be given protective goggles to protect your eyes from the laser.
  • The dentist will now apply the bleaching gel on your teeth. The laser is then used for activating the gel’s bleaching agents.
  • After this a 15-minute wait is needed for the whitening process to happen before removing the gel.
  • The process till now is usually repeated two more times to get the best results.
  • The dentist will now remove the gel and thoroughly clean your teeth. He will then use the chart to see exactly how many shades your teeth have become lighter.


What Causes Discolouration in Your Teeth?

No one wants yellow teeth. But a lot of us engage in activities that cause tooth discolouration. Check out some of the things that can cause your teeth to be discoloured:


  • Using tobacco
  • Taking food and drinks that cause stains like red wine and coffee
  • Not cleaning your teeth regularly
  • Exposure to drugs like Tetracycline can cause stains inside your teeth
  • The aging process also plays a role as your tooth enamel gets thinner as you grow older


You should keep in mind that teeth whitening is most effective on stains outside the tooth i.e. on the surface, rather than those inside a tooth. With minimal downtime, you can enjoy your holiday after getting the teeth whitening in Phuket. You might also want to consider picking up a home tooth whitening kit, which you can also get for cheap in Phuket. You can refill the gel once back home.


How Much Can You Save on the Whitening in Phuket?

Since the main reason for getting your teeth whitened in Phuket is to save money, you should have an idea of the savings. Check out the cost comparison based on average prices:


  • Cost in Australia: $870
  • Cost in New Zealand: $890
  • Cost in Phuket: AUD $244 / NZD $264


Why not save around $600 to get your pearly whites back? If you are wondering that the price is low because of quality, do not worry. The lower teeth whitening cost in Phuket does not come with the hidden cost of lower quality.


The biggest factor behind the lower price in Phuket is the lower operating costs and lower cost of materials and labour. Running a dental clinic in Thailand costs a lot less than it does in Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington or Auckland. Moreover, the red tape that affects businesses in first-world countries and drives up their costs is largely absent in Thailand. People unaware of these reasons mistake the lower price for lower quality. Now you know better; do not let anyone convince you otherwise.


We also do our part in bringing you only the most reputed clinics in Phuket. Our team conducts a thorough background check before adding a clinic to our portal. The process includes:


  • Visiting the clinics
  • Checking malpractice and criminal records
  • Verifying dentists’ and staff’s qualifications
  • Confirming dentists’ dental association memberships
  • Assessing the equipment and facilities
  • Evaluating the health, safety and sterilization protocols


This screening process weeds out any clinic that is not up to the mark. All you have to do is read up on the clinics on our portal and see which one you like best. We also collect teeth whitening reviews in Phuket from dental tourists such as yourself. These people have visited the clinics on our listing, providing you invaluable insight into the journey and process.


So unlike what some people might wrongly believe and tell you, dental tourism is not about taking a leap of faith. With the right guidance and planning, you can get top-quality dental work including tooth whitening at destinations such as Phuket.


Important Information Before Getting Teeth Whitening

As amazing as teeth whitening is, you first need to confirm whether you are the ideal candidate for it. Because the teeth whiteners used in the process may not fix all kinds of discolouration. For instance, bleaching will work its magic on yellow teeth. However, it will not get you the same results with brown teeth. And it may not work on grey teeth at all.


Moreover, teeth whitening is not effective on all types of fillings, veneers, crowns or caps. Whitening will also probably not work if your teeth were discoloured because of an injury or medication. Once you confirm the treatment will work for you, feel free to get the teeth whitening in Phuket and save several hundred dollars.


Some Myths…

You should also clear your mind of some common misconceptions about the whitening treatment. Let us look at some of these myths, and the realities behind them:


  • “You can use baking soda for whitening your teeth.” This actually does not work and will damage the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your mouth
  • “You can rinse your teeth hydrogen peroxide to whiten them.” This is a bad idea as hydrogen peroxide causes negative reactions with the tissues.
  • “Whitening gum and toothpaste can get the job done.” The gums and toothpastes are too weak to be effective.
  • “Professional and at-home whitening gels are the same.” Professional whitening gels are stronger than at-home ones. But stronger is not necessarily the best; you can get same result with lower concentration of the gel.
  • “Your teeth will stay white forever after they are whitened.” While the colour changes permanently, the aging process continues to yellow the teeth. So you may need touch-ups to maintain your pearly whites.
  • “You can use lemons and strawberries to whiten your teeth.” While this is true, it comes at a cost as the acids eat at your enamel. Ultimately, whitening your teeth like this can permanently damage your teeth.
  • “Whitening is okay for all ages.” Not really. You need to think twice before getting your kids’ teeth whitened as it can damage the younger ones’ live tissue within the teeth. Whitening for children is only feasible in certain cases that you should discuss with the dentist.


All things considered, getting your teeth whitening in Phuket seems like a pretty sweet deal. Phuket has been a famous tourist destination since long before Instagram, Snapchat or even smartphones! The spectacular beaches, the unique cuisine and historic buildings combine to deliver an unforgettable holiday experience.


And in recent years the Phuket has also evolved into a popular dental tourism hub. We understand it can be a little confusing to find a reliable dental clinic abroad. Who wants to waste their holiday time hunting clinics? But with our help you can do it quite easily. So long as you stick to our listing, you will be heading to a first-rate dental clinic. So why not enjoy a vacation and save some money.


So feel free to learn more about the clinics on our website. Read the descriptions, look at photos, compare prices and check out the patient testimonials we have shared. If you book your teeth whitening in Phuket through Dentists in Phuket, you can even get warranties on dental work and materials used. You will return to be the envy of your friends as you impress everyone with your beautiful new smile.

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